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Lage Raho Munna Bhai – DirectorRajkumar Hirani – Language: Hindi with English subtitles. Run time: 2h 24m

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A beautiful radio disc jockey (Vidya Balan) innocently believes that her roguish boyfriend, Munna Bhai (Sanjay Dutt), is a history professor. The joke is on Munna when his girlfriend asks him to give a history lecture, and Munna and his best friend, Circuit (Arshad Warsi),must do some fancy footwork to maintain the illusion.

Tennis Buddies (2018) – Director: Suhail Tatari – Language: Hindi- Run time: 108 mins.

This is the story of how a 14 year old girl Anushka galvanizes a group of tennis
players(Boys) from Faridabad Gymkhana to turn the tables on their far more
accomplished opponents from Delhi doing the hamlet of Faridabad proud and in the
process reinforcing the triumph of human spirit .
Anushka’ father, Dilip Singh(Ranvir Shorey) had been a fairly big tennis player from
Faridabad and was in line to play for India when it is said he experienced burn out
and faded from the national scene . As his daughter grew and showed promise as a
tennis player, he assumed the mantle of a hard task master, which sometimes
Anushka loathed but mostly took in her stride
Her father’s frequent jabbing with her during the training sessions at Faridabad
Gymkhana has been the subject of ridicule and muted laughter at the court among
other group of tennis players .This also partly has to do with her sheer appearance at
the club courts as the boys believe that a girl in Faridabad (FBD) has no business to
be present on a tennis court, leave alone attempting to win laurels despite the fact
they have been watching her play and know. The boys in this part of the world have
been brought up to believe in the misnomer(gender disparity) , but even they didn’t
fathom how wrong their god forsaken beliefs would prove to be one day .
The next year’s tournament, in line with the government philosophy of encouraging
girl’s participation across disciplines , is witnessing a radical shift as it would now be
called Inter Club Juniors tournament and would feature a couple of matches for the
girl participant. This has invited sniggers from the predominantly male community
across all clubs and they are all finding it difficult to come across a girl competitor
who can be an asset to the team. When the tournament organizer relent a bit and
permit participation of a guest female player, Kanda seizes the opportunity to bring in
a guest player, who provides her own share of fun for the audience and for Arvind
Sangwan , who takes upon himself the onus of grooming her.
Our boys , however, have seen Anushka train very hard with her father but they are
not sure how to approach her. The old timer, Yashpal Kaushik, President of the
Gymkhana Club comes to their aid and speaks to Dilip who however rubbishes the
idea with a scorn that her daughter is not meant to play in an amateur club level team
tournament as she is destined for far bigger achievements in Singles. When the door
are slammed on the boys’ aspirations , one incident or a series of incidents changes
it all for Anushka and the boys, much to the chagrin of Arvind Sangwan , the current
captain. In an extremely emotional moment and with the complete and unstinted
support of her mother Jaya, Anushka decides in favour of not only playing the

tournament but also resolving to win it for her father.
However it is decided among the team members that a singles match would be
played between Anushka and Arvind and the players who emerges as the better
player would then be appointed as the captain cum coach. In this match, she
completely wipes off her opponent Arvind Sangwan and it is decided she would be
the captain
Her father, out of town for an outstation posting, does not know that she intends to

participate in the Delhi NCR Inter Club team tournament and all hell will break loose if
he comes to know of it but she has thrown caution to the wind for sake of the club,
the camaraderie and all importantly her father’s prestige. She does realize the
enormity of the risk involved in playing on the sly but by now that is her decision.
Anuhska is forever troubled by the looming presence of her father who can throw a
spanner but she somehow manages on the sly. Anushka ensures that all the boys
train very hard and leave nothing to chance . Her strict regimen makes the boys
cringe who vent out their frustration at being tested to the limits but these training
sessions are an eye opener, revealing the hitherto unknown strengths and limitations
of the boys..
A triumph of human spirit ,a rendition of guts and blood , a tale of good Samaritans
of Faridabad , story of a small town girl winning against odds, both personal and
external .

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