Over 1000 feature films are
produced in India each year

in at least 22 languages with an international viewership of 3.5 billion. Since its beginning in the early 20th century, Indian cinema has been global in its vision – some of the earliest Indian films were collaborations with European production companies – and stories, images, music and characters from Indian films and the film industry have been a familiar part of the cultural landscape in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, countries of the former Soviet Union, and increasingly in the UK, Europe and the USA. For most Indians living anywhere in the world – cinema is not ... just larger than life, it is a way of life. There are many genres of Indian cinema – Hindi cinema being one of many – each serving up its own distinct platter of pleasures. Through IFFI, we aim to bring the audience a rich selection of Indian feature and documentary films both classics and new, not only in Hindi and other regional Indian languages but also in English providing an irresistible cinematic experience. The IFFI 2019 is the only Indian film festival across Ireland, and is an annual event. It is founded on the wide experience of over twenty years of independent film distribution and exhibition of Indian films in Ireland by Siraj Zaidi, an Actor, Film Director and Producer. We established IFFI on an ongoing basis for grounding Indian cinema and are thankful to The Embassy of India in Ireland. RTE, local authorities and many other organisations who have come on board for their support over the past several years. This year the film festival will be held from 15-17th November 2019 in Dublin’s various cinemas and Arts centres and in addition to the film screenings will include discussion forums, seminars, public interviews with leading personalities of the Indian film industry, workshops, cultural and entertainment events.


IFFI intends to offer an eclectic mix of films, stimulating interviews, outstanding masterclasses, workshops, live performances, visual arts exhibitions and an annual short film competition.


The aim is to create an environment of collaboration between Irish and Indian filmmakers and enable the making of Indo-Irish films.


Passion: IFFI brings in films all genres of film across India. It is committed to introducing Irish audiences to provocative, inspirational and thought-provoking Indian cinema which might not otherwise be seen here.

Media Room

15th November - opening red carpet film and reception.

(It is recommend to book in advance).

Box office open from 7th November @ movies@dundrum.