Rahul Bose (Star Guest of IFFI 2017)

Let me share with all of you my  friends, the Illustrious career so far of my dear fellow actor colleague and the star guest of IFFI 2017. Meet Mr.Rahul Bose
Described as the ‘Indian art house icon’, by TIME magazine, Rahul Bose won the Best Actor award at the Singapore Film Festival in 2000 for his performance in ‘Split Wide Open’.
In 2002, at the Palm Springs Festival, he was awarded the runner-up prize of the John Schlesinger award for Best Debut Director for ‘Everybody Says I’m Fine!’.

Formed in 2006, his NGO, ‘The Foundation’, works with children from underserved areas of India, and his second NGO, HEAL works with survivors of child sexual abuse.In 2009 he was voted the Indian Youth Icon of the Year – Social Justice. In 2010, he was awarded the Green Globe award for his work in 2014,Rahul was named on the prestigious Executive Council of the Union

Ministry of Home Affairs’ National Foundation for Communal Harmony.

In 2015 he was named GQ’s Philanthropist of the Year. A former international rugby player, Rahul represented India for eleven years, retiring from the Indian team in 2009. A prolific speaker, he has lectured on leadership, gender equality and Indian cinema at Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, MIT, Columbia and Cornell University amongst others.