Siraj Zaidi,
Festival Director

Indian Film Festival Ireland

The Indian Film Festival of Ireland is an annual event founded by Siraj Zaidi, the Festival Director. His experience of thirty years in independent film distribution and exhibition, prompted him to introduce Indian films through what became a hugely popular Indian cinema slot several years ago in the early 1990s, at the Irish Film Institute. He then decided to start a dedicated Indian film festival to make Indian films more mainstream and to introduce people in Ireland to the global appeal and popularity of Indian cinema. The IFFI is the only film fe tival in Ireland that aims to create an environment of collaboration among Indian and European filmmakers. The IFFI has been going stronger for over nine years and champions the arts and cinema, by intertwining political and social messages through entertainment. Given the phenomenal success of the first year of the IFFI, that was very well received by both the public and the national and international press, I have great pleasure in informing you that the IFFI 2020 is finally ready to be presented. Since the first seeds had been planted, I have seen this festival having two entwined purposes: to make Indian cinema more mainstream, by introducing people to the global appeal and popularity of Indian cinema, and to help craft an environment for Indian Cinema industry, Worth over 100 million Euro to invest in cinema production in Ireland.

Shweta Padda

Shweta Padda

Creative Producer / Actor / Dancer

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Rukshana Tabbasum

National Award Winning Film - Apples and Oranges