An Gorta Mór Passage to India

An Gorta Mor: Passage to India

16th November 2019 2.45pm

Director: Fokiya Akhtar

Language: English with English subtitles

Run time: 2 Hours 29 Mins Free screening

Venue: TU / DIT Technological University Dublin

An Gorta Mór – Passage to India directed by Fokiya Akhtar traces the migration of the Irish population during the Great Famine that took place between 1845-52, the first of its kind project specifically focuses on the migration of Irish to India. The protagonist of the film is John Footman, who started the Footman family in India. In 1847 during the time of the Great Famine, John migrated to Vepery, Madras (Chennai). The co-producer of this film Dr. Ian Michael is a descendant of the Footman family who takes us through the story of migration during the Irish famine.