The Indian Film Festival Of Ireland

is an international event taking place every year in Ireland which curates Indian films from different regions of India making Indian cinema more mainstream across Europe and introducing Irish audience to the global appeal and popularity of Indian cinema.



IFFI intends to offers an eclectic mix of films, stimulating interviews, outstanding masterclasses, workshops, live performances, visual arts exhibitions and an annual short film competition. We aim to celebrate, award and reward great films, filmmakers and artists from Indian origin. IFFI also enables Indian filmmakers to shoot films in Ireland.



The aim is to create an environment of collaboration between Irish and Indian film makers and enable the making of Indo-Irish films.


  • 01. Passion

    IFFI brings in films all genres of film across India. It is committed to introducing Irish audiences to provocative, inspirational and thought-provoking Indian cinema which might not otherwise be seen here.

  • 02. Excellence

    IFFI is committed to the delivery of best-in-class programming as well as high-quality, diverse audience and filmmaker experiences.

  • 03. Support

    IFFI believes in supporting the work of renowned filmmakers as well as new and upcoming talents and facilitating the development of film practitioners by providing a platform which showcases talent, offers learning opportunities and creates a forum where valuable new working relationships can be formed.

  • 04. Respect

    Mutual respect and trust are paramount to IFFI’s relationship with its viewers, filmmakers, stakeholders and supporters. The organisation attempts to ensure true participation in all its activities.

  • 05. Representation

    IFFI attempts to become an inclusive and diverse organisation that believes and encourages equality of opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation across all its activities and create opportunities for film makers of Indian origin.